Distributed Data Acquisition Solutions

home In a world of global communication and network systems we are offering solutions to accelerate the development of distributed systems. silicon systems focuses on highly accurate, powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use products to control various transducers and to acquire data from sensors.

Intelligent Network Nodes

Modern industrial applications or experiments performed at universities or research facilities need to be maintained or observed over the Internet which demands the usage of intelligent, distributed network nodes. Ultra-low temperature drifts, sophisticated calibration procedures and surveillance of operational parameters like supply voltages or board temperature are just a few features of our products which are superior to any competitive products.

Network Standards and established Infrastructure

All products use the established Ethernet network standard IEEE 802.3 which is widely used in most laboratories, factories, or office buildings and are supplied with Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af (PoE). There is no need to modify existing cabling in the building. Intelligent network configuration protocols like DHCP ensure the simple and fast operation.

Design and Support

Every system is unique and is required to perfectly fulfill the demands. We are helping our customers to develop measurement and control solutions regarding software as well as hardware components. Our products are modular and are designed to cover most scientific and industrial tasks. Continuous support during the whole lifecycle of our products is important to us to guarantee excellent operation and reliability at any time.

References and current Projects

Many international companies and universities from all over Europe have already trusted us and we were able to successfully contribute to the solution of their tasks. Some of these companies work in the field of aerospace engineering, so that reliability and accuracy are of greatest importance.

Currently, silicon systems is participating in the international reputable satellite project QB50 which is funded by the European Union. Their long-term experience in hardware and software development for space-related projects make silicon systems an ideal and reliable partner.