Frequently-Asked Questions

faq This is the list of Frequently-Asked Questions about the products and services of silicon systems. It has answers to most of the common questions people ask about the specifications, the usage or need further assistance regarding hardware and software as well. If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact us and we will make an effort to help you.


In that section you find a list of all questions regarding the LabVIEW® DEVICE Driver which all devices can use in common. They are generally refering to the most actual driver version unless otherwise noted.

Using the sub-VI “Device Find.vi” does not find the connected device.

Make sure that a correct IP address is assigned to the device. This can be done automatically by a router or a software service that is running on a host computer in the local area network (LAN). You can use the freeware DHCP server for Windows XP and above found at http://www.dhcpserver.de.

Take care that the computer where you are executing the LabVIEW® application resides in the same network as the device you want to access. If you know the IP address of the device, try to ping the device. The command syntax is displayed when you enter “ping /?” in the console, for example “ping”.