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products silicon systems is developing analog and digital devices which can be used in various applications. Since we make an effort to meet the demands of our customers, we constantly improve our products or build new ones in order to cover further application areas.

One of the most important parameters which need to be observed in many industrial applications or experiments is the temperature. There are lots of sensors available which are made of semiconductors or metals and are intended for different temperature ranges and vary in stability, accuracy and price. Our temperature monitors can be configured to be used with most widely used sensors.

Most sensors or devices are equipped with an analog output channel whose voltage is proportional to the measured process factor. Our multipurpose voltage input modules convert the signal to a digital value which can more easily be handled.

Many industrial sensors come with a current loop output which usually ranges from 4 mA to 20 mA. They can also be supplied over this interface so that only two conductors are needed which simplifies wiring tremendously. Moreover line breaks can easily be detected since in case of failure the current drops to zero.

In order to control relays or valves, to read digital status lines or just to interface with digital circuitry, our digital I/O modules can easily be configured and used. The voltage thresholds are compatible with TTL and CMOS standards. Pull-up resistors also allow to connect open collector outputs.

Since our devices are supplied via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and communicate over the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet network, we provide network equipment such as PoE-Switches or patch cables which helps our customers to immediately put our products in operation. To encapsulate our sensitive devices, we also deliver small and light-weight aluminum cases which optimally protect them.

Check out our new Brochure explaining typical application areas of silicon systems devices, such as temperature monitors or digital valve controllers for industrial automation. In addition, device drivers supporting various programming languages and useful accessories allowing faster development times are introduced.