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philosophy silicon systems focuses on highly accurate, powerful, and easy-to-use solutions when developing new products and technologies. Instead of introducing new bus or network standards most of our products use the established Ethernet network standard IEEE 802.3 which is widely used in most laboratories, factories, or office buildings and are supplied with Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af (PoE).

Modern industrial applications or experiments performed at universities or research facilities need to be maintained or oberved over the Internet which demands the usage of intelligent, distributed network nodes. These should offer a standardized interface, so that the operator can easily check if all components work according to their specifications.

In the past several large electronics and semiconductor industry companies made efforts to introduce new communication, bus or network interfaces. Some of them succeeded and got established as de-facto standards. Others disappeared quite fast or are hardly used anymore. In contrast silicon systems only uses standardized, well documented and open network technologies to offer maximum compatibility, reliability and maintainability.

Modularity and scalability are important issues in modern applications. Our products can easily be removed or replaced and new components can be added without influencing or negatively affecting the other modules. Therefore one can easily adopt the system to changing application requirements.

Since all our products are supplied over PoE, there is no need for an extra power supply for any components which makes the whole system power efficient. Moreover no extra power lines have to be installed.