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In order to affect process factors like the temperature, the pressure, the distance or the velocity, actuators are being used which e.g. convert voltage into movement. Controllable power supplies for heating can be used to scale an input signal and feed the output into a resisitive heater. Still most simple actuators or low-cost power supplies are equiped with an analog control interface. In most cases an input voltage between -10 V and 10 V or 0 V and 10 V is being utilized to control the full output range of the actuator or the power supply.

To provide the necessary input signal in most applications control loops like PID controllers are in use which can be realized in hardware or in software. The latter implementation is much more adaptable and easier to debug. Modifications or changes can just be done in the software and there is no need to modify or replace existing much hardware control loops. Moreover mathematical operation like raising a number to a higher power, extracting a root or other non-linear transformations are difficult to implement in hardware but inbuilt software methods simply carry out these operations.

The VO01 device provides two independend analog voltage output channels ranging from -10 V up to 10 V which is suitable for most control applications. The 20-Bit digital/analog converters and advanced temperature compensation techniques assure highest sensitivity and accuracy and lowest thermal drift.