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Most of our products utilize the 15-pin standard DSUB connector. The counterpart connectors are not expensive and available almost everywhere. In some applications - especially for test setups or prototyping projects - fixed wiring can be disadvantageous since it takes more time to solder the leads and any changes cannot be easily performed. Breakout connectors allow fast interfacing with one of our devices. Any lead does not need to be directly soldered to the connector, but can simply be plugged into the block terminal. The DSUB15 Breakout Connector is equipped with 15 block terminals which are connector 1:1 to the pins of the DSUB connector.

We are currently developing a holder for wall mounting of our devices. Industrial application require good cable routing and solid mounting of all components. In general the measurement or control device should be placed as near as possible to the corresponding actuator or sensor to achieve best signal integrity. Consequently it will be possible to place the holder on any surface near to keep our device next to the application.