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The sensitive measurement and control devices require special protection when operated in harsh environments. For lowest noise and best error-proneness electro-magnetic shielding and proper isolation are essential. Our cases are made of lightweight aluminum alloy and the surface is anodized to increase chemical resistance. On the one side every device is equipped with the RJ61 jack for 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet connection. On the other side most devices utilize standard DSUB connector to interface sensors or actuators. Due to the modular design the case can easily be adapted to all devices which require different connectors.

Device like the VI01 Octal Voltage Monitor, the VO01 Octal Voltage Output Device, the TMP01 Octal Thermocouple Monitor, the DIO01 Octuple Bidirectional Digital I/O Device, the DO01 Octal Digital Output Buffer or the CNT01 Quad Quadrature Encoder / Absolute Counter are equipped with 15-pin DSUB connectors. The DSUB15 Case is suitable for these devices and should be used for best noise immunity.