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Counter and Timer

Counter and timer devices provide solutions for various measurement requirements including measuring a number of time-related quantities or couting events. In many industrial or scientific applications where motors, wheels and shafts are utilized it is necessary to determine the angulator velocity or to monitor the position of a linear or rotary drive with the aid of quadrature encoders or Gray code encoders respectively.


A counter determines the number of time-triggered events. Depending on its configuration or the status of the control lines the device supports counting up- or downwards. In some applications it may be necessary to temporarily disable the counter which can be achieved by the use of special control lines. In order to determine the position of a rotary encoder or the angular velocity of a spinning shaft optical sensors like light barriers or magnetic switches have to be utilized which provide digital phase-shifted signals. The corresponding quadrature encoder detects the frequency of the pulse-train and the sign of the phase-shift which enables the computation of the angular velocity and the direction of rotation.

The CNT01 device is a versatile and easy-to-use dual absolute counter or quadrature encoder. It comprises two independent counters which can be configured separately. All inputs are TTL / CMOS compatible and the maximum counting frequency is 10 MHz. Moreover the counter can temporarily be disabled by the use of a digital input line.